Angel Inc.

Behind the scenes tidbits from Billion Dollar Date:

    • The view in the bonus chapter was inspired by this one (header image) which I took from the balcony of our hotel on a research trip to Switzerland in February.
    • You didn’t read the bonus chapter? Go grab that by either via Facebook Messenger or email.
    • On a more serious note, Enzo’s learning disability is something I know a bit about both personally (in my family) and as a former educator and curriculum consultant. Although I’m no longer in education, I am very proud to have proud the Wilson Reading Program— the program Enzo mentions in the story– to school districts in my area. I have no affiliation with them but this research-based program has been proven to help struggling readers, both with dyslexia and other reading disabilities.
    • Angel Inc. was conceived on a date night with my husband as I sipped a chocolate peanut butter martini at this bar. When I told him I needed a cool way for my hero to make tons of money he said, “How about a synthetic alcohol where you take a pill to sober up before going home.” So I can’t even take credit for the idea…
    • Chari’s name was inspired by a childhood friend whose name is Chari. However, I pronounce my heroine “char-ee” but my friend’s name was actually pronounced “chaddy.”
    • Most authors have pieces of them in their books, and Billion Dollar Date is no exception. Enzo’s family is basically my own, minus the pizza place. Big. Italian. Don’t forget to call mom!
    • Researching for the book, I visited a slew of small towns in PA to find the perfect one. The minute we drove through Milford, “we” meaning kids, hubby, mom and dad…of course it was a family affair, I knew it was the place. Can you guess which locations in Bridgewater were inspired by The Wheelhouse Cafe?

Speaking of Enzo’s family…we’ll be heading back to Bridgewater in future books, although the next one coming in September, Last Call, actually goes back in time a bit and tells the story of Angel Inc. a bit more. The hero? None other than Hayden Tanner who makes Enzo look like an absolute saint. Add Last Call to your Goodreads list!

More tidbits from Last Call:

  • With family in Rochester, NY we often visited Skaneateles Lake to meet up with cousins for the day as it’s a “halfway” point between Northeast PA and Rochester. The town is very much as described in Last Call and a wonderful place to visit.
  • Speaking of Skaneateles, the resort featured in the book is one of our favorite destinations for an overnight anniversary trip. Mirbeau Inn & Spa is truly an experience, and the hot tub, also real!
  • Living in Northeast, Pennsylvania, I’ve travelled to Manhattan many times throughout my life, but visiting and living in a city aren’t quite the same. To help with the ins and outs of a NYC lifestyle, I leaned on blogs and friends who shared stories of the differences between a resident and tourist experience in the big apple. And now I know enough to step to the side of the street when I stare up at the skyscrapers or snap pics, not doing so a hallmark of the NYC tourist. #Opps
  • When I first plotted Last Call, I had no idea researching phases of drug approval would be so relevant. Months after COVID hit and the world began talking about vaccines, I headed back to my bookmarked pages to brush up on such matters. Moving from historical to contemporary romance, I thought I would be conducting less research, but not so. I spent hours on this site attempting to get Ada’s job just right.
  • A final inspiration…Ada’s drink in the hot tub is none other than the “Pina Colava” served on Disney Cruise Line ships. Here’s the recipe.

Book Bonuses:

  • Whether you made your way here for helping me out or from Facebook Messenger…welcome! Here are a few little book lover bonuses for you to enjoy. Download a bookmark or adult coloring page…or both!
  • Have you read the Billion Dollar Date bonus epilogue? Not yet. Eek! What are you waiting for. Download and start reading here.