What’s Coming in 2021

It’s been one hell of a year, and I can honestly say I’m looking forward to 2021 more than most new years. I’ve got lots of exciting projects in the pipeline and am excited to share some of them, so here goes:

Boys of Bridgewater

In 2020 I launched this series as Angel Inc. and changed it just recently to reflect the small town romance vibe coming your way as we head back to Bridgewater for the remainder of the series. Although the first two books, Last Call and Billion Dollar Date, mix small town sexy with billionare romance as our two heros struck it big with their synthetic alcohol brand, the remainder of the series will follow characters such as Enzo’s brothers– Tristano and Gian– as well as his sister Lusanne and his friend Devon.

Look for Tristano’s story next and follow its progress on my Instagram account. Books three and four will be release July and November 2020.

But first, starting January 2nd, Overruled by Love, a sexy lawyer prequel novella, will be released FREE exclusively to newsletter subscribers ahead of its January 27th release. This page will update with each weekly newsletter giving out the entire story one day pre-release. Although starting in January, it will be password protected, so be sure to sign up for the Bella Michael’s Insider here.

You may notice one other change as well in the Boys of Bridgewater series. The Billion Dollar Date cover has also been re-designed to match the others. Miss the old dark cover? (Me too, loved that one!) No worries.  A limited edition paperback of the original, as well as a Last Call dark version, will soon be available.


.         .       


In other news. . .

If you’ve never read a historical or medieval romance before, give it a try! The first book on my brand new series Kingdoms of Meria is available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited, and book two, My Highland Bride, is coming January 7th.  Like the Bridgewater series, both books are rich in world-building with plenty of sexy bits, albiet between a knight and his lady instead of a billionaire bad boy and the woman strong enough to tame him. They are also set in the Kingdom of Meria, so if you’re a fantasy lover, this might be the perfect series for you!


I think that about does it. What are you most excited about for 2021? Leave a comment below and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🥂

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