Luxury Living in Tribeca {BDD Book Inspiration}

As I begin a new Pinterest board as inspiration for BDD (title coming soon), the first step is to construct the hero’s home. Enzo DeLuca lives in the trendy and extremely luxury area of Tribeca, New York City. This lower Manhattan neighborhood whose name is derived from “Triangle Below Canal Street” is the perfect setting for our billionaire chemist turned entrepreneur.

Let’s take a look at his apartment…

I chose 111 Murray Street after looking at potential locations for his New York home, although Enzo is originally from a small town in Pennsylvania.

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Enzo’s view is pretty spectacular, don’t you think?

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He’s not home often since Enzo is a bit of a workaholic, but when he does take a breather, this is his living room.

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Even though his father owns a pizza shop back in PA, Enzo doesn’t cook very often preferring his favorite restaurant, Faustini’s, just down the street.

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With the press a constant worry, Enzo likes the amenities in his building including a 3,000 square ft. workout center which he uses every day.

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That is, when he’s not utilizing the lap pool to stay in shape.

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So what do you think? Are you ready to move in yet?

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Want to learn more about Enzo? Chat with him here 🇮🇹

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